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Best Pet Grooming in Kissimmee

Find the best pet grooming in Kissimmee at Mutlee Crew Pet Care. Our experienced staff of excellent groomers are dedicated to giving your pet the best care and lots of love.
From a quick bath to a full groom, Muttlee Crew stands ready to provide the very best grooming services for your pet. We invite you to join the hundreds of satisfied customers -- and pets! -- who depend on Muttlee Crew Pet Care for the unique treatment that has made us famous!

Quality Pet Grooming First Time, Every Time

Pet owners in Kissimmee and South Orlando have discovered Muttlee Crew's superior services. One reason they've come to rely on us is because of our experienced staff. Most of our groomers have perfected their skills over 10 to 15 years. We take care to understand just the type of service you prefer and work hard to meet your expectations.
Still not convinced? Then read our customer reviews to see how we're doing!

The Best Grooming Experience

Make an appointment with Muttlee CrewMake an appointment with Muttlee Crew
In Muttlee Crew's experience, there's no substitute for TLC (Tender, Loving Care). That's why our talented groomers devote extra time and attention to every pet. After all, they are our customers, too!
Muttlee offers full-service grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. Prices will vary depending the size and temperament of the pet, and condition (matted coat, fleas, ticks, etc.). We will be happy to provide an estimate on arrival.
We welcome walk-in business. But we encourage you to make an appointment to obtain the best results. Just click the button above to reserve a date and time with Muttlee Crew!

Muttlee Features Exceptional Services for Your Pet

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods Pets Love

Smart pet owners know that quality, healthy foods make for a healthy pet. That's why Muttlee Crew carries only the best natural and holistic foods. We take care to investigate each brand we carry to ensure you get only the best from Muttlee. Visit us and we'll help you select the perfect food for your pet.
Treats and Favors

Treats and Special Favors

Muttlee Crew has a great selection of treats and special favors for your special pet. Come browse our wide array of choices your favorite friend will find especially delicious! Treats perfect for pets of all sizes...from the smallest to the largest!
Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

In addition to all our other services, Muttlee Crew offers a wide array of accessories, from trimmers to leashes to special, hard-to-find items. The next time you drop by, take a look around and see all that we have to offer. You might be surprise at what you find!
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