Muttlee Crew Terms & Conditions of Service

All quoted prices are subject to change based upon the size, temperament, and condition of the pets coat (matted coat, fleas, ticks, etc.). We will be happy to provide an estimate on arrival. If your pet is difficult to work with or is aggressive in any way, there will be an appropriate fee added to the bill.

Pets need to be up to date on all their vaccinations prior to their grooming appointment.

For the safety of your pet and others we require all pets to be leashed/caged at all times while on Muttlee Crew Pet Care premises.

We reserve the right to refuse service to customers whose pet may pose a threat to us or to other pets left in our care, whether it be an aggression problem, health problem, or parasites. The pet owner agrees to be responsible for any property damages by the pet.

If your pet is hurt or becomes ill (before, during or after grooming), we have permission to call or take your pet to a veterinarian of our choice if your pets vet is inaccessible. Such expenses will be paid promptly by you (the pet owner). We will make every effort to contact you immediately in such cases.

Please note each pet is different and will behave differently on the table. It's impossible to predict how long each pet will take to groom. We work at your pets pace.

We do our best to accommodate walk-ins; however, its highly recommended that you schedule an appointment.

If your pet is in heat, please notify us immediately upon arrival so we can make the necessary accommodations during the grooming process.

We are not a boarding facility. Please make arrangements to pick up your pet in a timely manner once grooming is complete. They are anxious to go home!

A $20.00 per hour fee will be added for late pickups. (Anything after closing hours.)

If we notice your pet has fleas, it will be automatically be given a flea bath for your pet's safety and the safety of others in the boutique. This is an additional $10 charge.

If your pet it severely tangled or matted, it is at risk of injury, stress, or trauma. All precautions will be taken; however, problems occasionally arise during or after grooming, such as nicks, clipper irritation and mental or physical stress. Please note, we will not be held responsible for any of the above mentioned cause by removing coat from pet possessing mild to severe skin allergy, nor will we be held responsible for stressful effects.

Senior Pet: Because we are concerned about your pets safety and well-being, we want to assure you that every effort will be made to make your pet's visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Occasionally grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. This can occur during or after grooming. Please note we will NOT be held responsible for stressful effects grooming may have upon an elderly pet.

By using Muttlee Crew Pet Care's services, you are accepting and agreeing to the following declaration: "I understand Muttlee Crew Pet Care will do their utmost to protect the health and safety of my pet while on these premises. I acknowledge that accidents, however, can happen and I hereby absolve Muttlee Crew Pet Care LLC, its groomers and staff from any and all responsibility involving injury, escape, damage or disease during and after their grooming time at Muttlee Crew Pet Care.

"By submitting my grooming appointment request, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to these Muttlee Crew Pet Care Terms & Conditions of Service."

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